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  1. Hi there, I'm looking to see if there are any students who currently are attending CBC in Tri Cities Wa? I am a transfer student attending CBC in winter 2018, and I'm really trying to get into the A&P1 course but my problem is I have to wait until 1 week after current students register before I can. As of right now all 80 slots are full. I understand this is normal for most schools but I'm freaking out here. I'm wondering, from others experience at CBC, if I still have a chance at getting in? I dont care if I have to press refresh every 5 minutes lol. I would like some insight on when I should start looking into it like a crazy person, and any other insights you think would be very helpful.
    If all else fails I will do my plan B: which is taking my CNA course winter quarter, A&P spring, study for Teas in Summer, and A&P2 fall then apply for program in Feb. 2019. I'm so close!!! I would rather not spread out my A&P courses but if thats what I have to do then thats what I'll do.
    I know this is a lot of random stuff BUT I cant help it I'm beyond excited and my family is tired of hearing about it lol. So I need a friend who understands what Im going through and some good insights into the college!

    Thank you!!!!!
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  3. by   Christinat1626
    I dont k ow if this information will still be useful but many times people sign up for a course and are dropped when they fail to pay when tuition is due. Stall the course of the day tuitions are due and see if slots open up. I have been there!