Coastal Alabama Community College Nursing Program Fall 2017 - page 3

Hello! I was wondering if there was anyone applying to the Nursing program at CACC for the 2017 Fall term. I am curious to know how many points you have. FYI I have submitted my application for the... Read More

  1. by   Kmh5021
    Unfortunately, I don't think classes taken in Fall semester will be counted for Spring applications. I believe it's because applications are due in October and Fall classes won't finish until December.

    The 3 points should be for any class. I don't think it matters if its a general one or if it's one of the required courses.

    Hope this helps!
  2. by   Niki_B
    Hi Kmh5021 - did you end up attending Coastal? I just got my acceptance letter for Spring 2018 on the Brewton campus.
  3. by   Kmh5021
    Hi Niki_B,

    I did. I actually finish my first semester tomorrow.
  4. by   cade23
    May I ask how's your experience so far?