Chemistry Worries - page 2

Hi, All: I'm 48 and have it in my head to go back to school for my BSN. My first degree is a BA in English. I am enrolled in Chemistry and STRUGGLING. I will be LUCKY to get a C grade. The director... Read More

  1. by   Ace2105
    I went in to Chemistry with the mentality that i'd do whatever it takes to get an A. I told myself it was doable and if I needed tutoring I'd get it. I also stayed prayed up haha. I'd definitely message your professor, read your syllabus, find out how he/she grades, how they test, study practice problems over and over. Im not this perfect student and I managed to get an A while also taking A&P2. You have to set yourself up for success. Bug your professor!! You got this.
  2. by   forevernursem
    Hi! I recommend trying different studying ways to see what works best for you. Maybe go to a tutoring session, join a study group, do online practice problems, or watch Youtube videos. There are many ways that can help you understand the information better, you just have to find what works best for you. Nursing is VERY competitive, even in the community college ADN programs. Getting a C doesn't necessarily mean you won't make it into the program, but it lessens your chance. Also, in the nursing program I'm in, retakes are counted against us, and decreases our chances of getting in. Just study your butt off and work for the best grades. Good luck, you can do this!