Cheap ABSN programs in the US?

  1. I'm currently living in NYC, and I absolutely hate it here. My husband and I want to leave ASAP. I'm currently doing my pre-reqs at the community college because I was thinking of transferring to a school here, but I really don't want to anymore.

    I read a bit about Louisiana College, which looks like a good school and it looks like a good price. The only thing is is that it has more pre-reqs than I really wanted to do....

    Also, if you're wondering why I don't just stay here and go to a public school since it would be cheaper: the public schools here in NYC are SUPER competitive (because they're cheap and there's free tuition here now), and they require a ton of pre-reqs so I wasn't even going to apply. So I will most likely go the private route.

    My undergrad GPA is a 3.65, and my current GPA for pre-reqs is a 4.0.

    Please help! My neighbor punched me in the chest today; I HAVE to get out of this terrible city!!!
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  3. by   night_owls
    Have you considered Stony Brook University? In-state tuition is 10k and it doesn't require orgo or nutrition. I attend the 2-year BSN program there and it's phenomenal. I love it! It's also much less competitive than NYC programs but still competitive nonetheless. I don't think it would hurt to apply.
  4. by   annahri
    I would love to go to Stony Brook, but I just kind of thought I wouldn't be able to get it. Plus I'm not sure if my husband would be able to find work out there. I feel like my GPA isn't good enough for Stony Brook's ABSN. :/
  5. by   night_owls
    Your GPA is pretty good, especially your science GPA which is arguably more important. Also, Stony Brook has a very holistic approach when it comes to admissions. Your GPA is a factor but so is your personal statement, extracurriculars/work experience, etc. I know classmates who have lower GPA's that yours and are in the ABP program. As for your husband's job... can't help you there unfortunately.