Chattahoochee tech 2018 fall admissions

  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to create a forum if anyone was interested are sharing their stories or worries about applying for chattahoochee techs ASN program in 2018. I didn't know if anyone knew how many applicants they accepted? And how many typically apply? I'm going this week to talk to and advisor! My only worry is having a B in A&P 1&2.

    anyone else have any concerns or advice?

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  3. by   kathy kat
    i am planning on applying to the chattahoochee tech nursing programe as well. i have taken majority of the classes, i just need to get ready and take the teas so my application can be complete
  4. by   Lacey33
    Does anyone know when the application sessions dates are going to pop up? Thank you!
  5. by   kathy kat
    The dates foe the application session has already been posted online on the nursing webpage. does anyone know what the ATI critical thinking exam is all about?
  6. by   Lacey33
    No Clue! I'm hoping it is something easy! but I'll let you know if I find anything out.
    Which session are you going to? I'm going to the one on the 22nd.
  7. by   kathy kat
    im going to the one tomorow Feb 13th.
  8. by   Lacey33
    Would you tell me what to expect and what they say about the ATI critical thinking exam?
  9. by   kathy kat
    i attended the application session today. it was pretty much imformative. alot of the things they talked about are on the nursing website. The ATI critical thinking exam is new and we shall be the first batch to take the exam. the instructor said if you prepare well for the Teas you should do well in the exam as well. they are no study materials for this exam and they said there will be alot of general knowledge questions as well.
  10. by   Lacey33
    Thank you!
  11. by   Lacey33
    How did you do on your Teas btw?
  12. by   kathy kat
    i have not taken the Teas yet. im kinda nervous. do you have any study materials you can recommetnd? have you taken the teas and if so how did you do?
  13. by   mnolasco
    I'm applying too! And attended the application session as well! I'm super nervous but so ready!
  14. by   mnolasco
    I havent taken the Teas, but ive the the Mometrix book is very very similar to the actual test. It comes with 2 practice exams as well! I've also heard great things about Pocket prep. I'm in a Facebook group and they have great tips and files. They have the Mometrix book off free, it'll save you from having to spend 40 dollars and they have some passages that could be on your actual exam as well. It's pretty helpful