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Has Anyone got into the nursing program at cerritos college. I just got a letter from Goldenwest today saying I am on the alternate list which makes me crazy! I am now waiting to see if I got into... Read More

  1. by   JuneBabe06
    I called them today at 4:30 and the secretary said they sent out letters on Tuesday May 25th. She asked for my last and first name and said I was #126. She said I probably won't get into the program in Fall, and I'm looking at alternate status for Spring '11. I'm sort of confused here because 175 were chosen to take the TEAS (1st lottery)out of the 426 that applied. 50 chosen for Fall and 50 for Spring= 100. If I'm 126 out of 175 shouldn't that still give me a chance to be an alternate for Fall, considering if 26 people don't accept because they're going to another school instead? She said most likely I will get in for spring but thats still a long time to wait! I really want to start working towards my nursing degree now! Can anyone help clarify or know of anything that can help me relieve my anxiety? I want to ask the secretary at cerritos more questions, but it always seems like they're trying to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, not really calming your nerves.