CCConline and your experiences?

  1. I'm thinking about fullfilling my pre-req's this summer by going to CCConline and taking A&PII and Micro, but before i start the process i wanted to see what everyone experiences are with their courses? if you've taken their Bio classes and which "Home school" is the best one to choose? Also, financial aid and how much those 2 classes would cost?

    is it worth it to do it? if I get accepted into the nursing program I will know in 2-3 weeks (next wednesday is my Interview then they send out acceptance letters a week after) Then I will HAVE to take A&PII the first quarter and Micro the second quarter and if i don't pass them I may fail out of the nursing program all together! So i figured if i can get both of them taken care of this summer, i won't have to worry about anything but nursing classes in the fall...

    Also if you don't recommend this online school, which others would you recommend and their pricing? I live in Ohio as a tip, and I am an Alumni of Univ. of Phoenix but they cost like 485$ a credit hour and they don't accept financial aid, so to take both those classes it would be 4000$ out of pocket! which i do NOT have!

    thanks again for any help!
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  3. by   Rakkika
    Unless you have a very solid background in science I would not advise taking any of you're AP, biology, or chemistry classes online unless you live on the moon. There's just so much information being thrown at you and unless you've got a professor who replies to emails at least daily you're going to be left hanging with a lot of questions.

    If you have any english classes or if you're taking any sort of medical terminology class, those would be great to knock out online.

    But any hard science is going to be miserable online.
  4. by   GamerGirL337
    I'm pretty good in Sciences (NOT chemistry! but thats out of the way in 2 weeks when the semester ends

    But A&PII and Micro are the ONLY pre-reqs i need to finish up...ive done terminology, all my english, math, psych everything....just these last 2 science classes...

    Plus I work better on my own and on my own time (I know CCConline does have due dates, but still)

    Have you taken CCConline classes? I'm curious to how they're set up and how their Lab's are...etc...

    If its going to be crazy difficult I will probably pass, but I just want to see what everyones experiences are with Science courses from CCConline..
  5. by   Sart45
    I took Intro to Chemistry this fall through CCCOnline. I was working several jobs and this was my last pre-req. I was required to get a LabPak (cost $236.00); the labs were actually fun and it was nice to do them on my own schedule. The class cost about $900.00 (5 credits).

    I had previously taken Online Classes through the Community College system and personally I was very pleased with them. You have to be a motivated learner and willing to do work on your own. If you have questions you can email the instructor or there is a discussion board (which has required topics to comment on). Exams are timed. You know from the beginning when tests are scheduled and you usually have several days to choose from to take them.

    There are several posts on this board about CCCOnline classes. I think most people had very positive experiences. I highly recommend them for those people that need an alternative to the traditional method of education. Again you must be an organized, self motivated individual. I took all my prereq's online EXCEPT Microbiology thinking it would be "better" in a classroom setting. It was NOT!

    If you look on the website for CCCOnline it tells you what LabPaks are needed for Micro and A & P. I know several people who took these classes and were very pleased with them. The classes are more expensive than "regular" and online community college classes. But with the cost of gas these days it probably all evens out!
  6. by   GamerGirL337
    Thanks so much for your input Sart45!!!

    How about financial aid? and transcripts and everything with the "Home college" ? I haven't contact the home college yet but I was wondering how well and fast financial aid went through and how it will be with a summer quarter? I know i won't have a pell grant but was hoping i could get loans for it i just don't know how much i can get even though my FAFSA EFC is 0???
  7. by   Sart45
    Your best bet is to look on the website Financial aid is through the home school (but I know nothing about getting it for summer school). I don't think it matters which school you choose (they are listed on the website). You do have to apply to the home school but it was a matter of filling out one page online and no fees; I have a BA so I don't know if was any different for me???

    I used Arapahoe Community College as my home school (I took all my pre-req's through that school). My transcripts are from that school and nothing is mentioned about the classes being online. I was just accepted to the BSN program at University of Colorado and they take all prereq's from Colorado Community Colleges without ANY problem.

    Also do a Search on this board for CCCOnline and you'll find more information. Oh and non resident tuition for CCCOnline is $259.30 per credit. Hope some of this helped.