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    I'm going to be attending the BSN program at Towson this coming spring and heard that I will have to take the NET. My friend who graduated from UMB 2006 said she's never heard of it. Towson will have a study guide at our pre-registration and I was wondering how hard is the NET. Haven't done much research on it and they said that scores won't affect your admission into the program, however, if you don't pass, then you will have to continuously take it until you pass. I am also very curious as to what the schedule is like the first semester entering nursing school after completing all the pre-requsities. They said you start the clinicals the fifth week of class. I'm super excited! Also does anyone know the class size at Towson? Thanks!
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    you may want to post this in the maryland forumunder the local tab at the top. I am heading to AACC, no NET required and also did not hear of that at UMB. Someone over on the MD forum may have some experiance!