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  1. Hello there,

    I haven't been on here in a while, but I have a question for anyone that knows about the acceptance for Broward College. I will be applying to the nursing program in August after my last pre-requisite. I'm hoping to start in January.

    Anyway, my question is, do they look at your whole GPA for all classes you ever took at BCC, or do they just calculate the GPA for the pre-requisites required to enter the nursing program?

    I'm getting concerned because I think I will be getting a "B" in my Anatomy I class. Possibly an "A" in the lab, but I got one "C" on an exam in lecture and it brought me down to a "B".

    So I think if I get "A"'s in Anatomy II and the lab, it will bring me up to about 13 points. I hope it's enough to get me into the program in January, but if not, I will just keep going.

    Thanks for any info.

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  3. by   GabbsRN
    Hi Michelle,

    BC looks at your "program GPA" first. So basically its CHM1032, ENC1101, BSC1085 and lab, and BSC1086 and lab.....those 6 classes. From there, it is a point system based on that GPA, which looks like this:

    4.0 = 16 pts
    3.9 = 15 pts
    3.8 = 14 pts
    3.7 = 13 pts
    And on down the line....

    You can get 5 more points for HOSA as well but only if you were a part of it in high school. You also get one point for being a Broward resident, if you are one.

    Now, if there are ties between students, then they start looking at the other classes like Micro, Pysch, etc. I think (and I thought I read or heard this) that first they look to see if you have them completed, and break the ties based on that. Then they look at the GPA's for those classes to break the ties if need be.

    If all you have is one B, I wouldn't worry. I have two B's and the rest are all A's, and I will have a 3.57 GPA (I say "will have" because thats what I will have when this semester is completely over). The cutoff back for the Jan class was around 3.2-3.3, so having 13 pts sounds pretty good.

    I'll be applying for August, but I think I am going to go in January. Maybe I'll see you then??

    What campus will you be attending? I will be going to North.
  4. by   WILLBEANRN

    I will also be going to North. I actually have two "B"'s, too, because way, way, way back when I took my English, it was years ago and I got a "B". So I don't even know. It also depends if I do get an "A" in Anatomy II and lab. I will just have to wait and see.

    Thanks so much for the info. Hope to see you at North.

  5. by   GabbsRN
    Have you taken the HCP0130 class yet?
  6. by   WILLBEANRN
    Yes. I already took that. It sure was a breeze compared to Anatomy class. lol
  7. by   boda
    I spoke to a Nursing student at North today, gathering info to try and choose between North or Central. Anyway, she started in the May session. She said she is EXHAUSTED!! but thats besides the point. She lives 5 mins from Central and goes to North. Says the teachers are much nicer up there. She said the students are begging the school to let the Math and/or Pharm be completed prior to getting accepted to lighten the first term load. She said she thought that some were able to do this, so I inquired in the Health Science dept. The girl there said that they are looking into that - but for now you have to take it first term or have the credits transferred from somewhere... hmmmmm, does anyone know where I could take either the Pharm or Math courses now to lighten the load in Aug? Does anyone know who to ask to be certain BC will accept credits from somewhere else for these classes? Wouldnt it be nice to have one or both of those overwith before Nursing Process. Thank you for any advice.
  8. by   GabbsRN
    You can take pharm at PBCC and have it transferred over. I am guessing you can take it at MDC or FAU as well, but I don't know that for sure. As far as the math, you cannot take that anywhere else and transfer it in, at least I have never heard of this happening. You can't even take a higher math and use that either.
  9. by   boda
    Thank you Sunraygurl, for your quick response. Have you heard of anyone taking Pharm at PBCC and transferring it to BC? Also, I think you told me in an earlier post that you are planning to go to North beginning in Aug too, right? You don't by any chance have the schedule do you?
  10. by   GabbsRN
    I have heard of someone who took pharm at pbcc. She posts on this board....I'll see if I can message her and find out if BC took it for sure. Yes I am planning on going to North. By schedule, do you mean what days and times for classes and clinicals in the program?

    First semester it would be M and F 9-12 lecture, M 5-7 pharm, F 1-5 math, and clinicals would be T or W, sometimes Th, but usually just T or W.

    Each class is half a semester long, so you basically take two classes w/ clinicals per semester. Pharm is all 16 weeks and math is like just 4 or 5 weeks. After first semester, you just have lecture on M and F from 9-12 and clinicals and thats it.