Brightwood San Diego January 2018

  1. Is there anyone out there who has applied for the Brightwood RN program with the January start date?
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  3. by   Beansnrice
    I have, I hear they are expecting over 150 applicants this time. What were you're HESI and wonderlic scores if you don't mind me asking? Also are you going in as a LVN or generic, I was told they have limited spaces for LVNs.
  4. by   Jellybeans&
    Dang! I wasnt expecting it to be that many applicants! I am applying for the RN program. I just took my HESI today. I got a 94% on math and 84% for the reading .
  5. by   Beansnrice
    That's really good on the math. I have 88% reading and 80% in math, I am retaking the math portion this coming Friday. It wasn't hard I just didn't brush up on the formulas beforehand. I feel like I can get high 90s the second time around. Im coming in as a generic entry since I worked in a surgery center the last 10 years assisting nurses. I hope my past work history can sway their decision a little. Good luck to you.
  6. by   Jellybeans&
    Good job! And good luck to you too!!!
  7. by   Dc117
    Oh gosh, I'm applying and 150 applicants makes me even more nervous!
  8. by   sandiegoapp
    Hi I am going to apply. Can anyone talk to me about it more please??
  9. by   Dc117
    What did you have questions on?
  10. by   sandiegoapp
    My question I too late to apply for the January class?? I'm going to do the school tour this Friday. Haven't taken the HESI BUT did take the TEAS already so I can totally study for 3 weeks only and do good on the HESI. I already have an Associate in Science.
  11. by   Dc117
    Last day to apply for the January start date is November 13th, but before you can take the HESI you have to take the Wonderlic. I suggest you take the Wonderlic ASAP, so you have some time in for the HESI. But you have to schedule in time and do some serious studying in a few amount of days.
  12. by   Sckov
    I applied too!
    Super excited (: good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Dc117
    I'm so anxious!
  14. by   Sckov
    Are you coming in as a generic? Do you have AS/BS or work experience?