Brightwood San Diego January 2018 - page 3

Is there anyone out there who has applied for the Brightwood RN program with the January start date?... Read More

  1. by   Sckov
    I too haven't heard anything yet
  2. by   Beansnrice
    I got accepted as a generic, but the accreditation thing is still a little alarming. Anyone else get accepted?
  3. by   Dc117
    What time did you receive the call?
  4. by   Jshea00
    I got the call around 3:30. I also got accepted as a generic.
  5. by   Dc117
    Congrats! Although, the accreditation is still on edge with me, I honestly don't have a problem with it, as long as we're able to receive our RN license.
  6. by   Beansnrice
    I got the call at 3:49. Still contemplating it. I know it's a great opportunity to get my nursing license but I'd really like to continue my education and eventually get my bsn.
  7. by   Sckov
    I was reading through everything and basically the ACCET accreditation will cover the school with getting financial aid, If they don't get it idk if they'll keep the school open and just have students pay out of pocket, or if they will close the school.
  8. by   Jshea00
    Congrats !!! I was talking to one of my colleague who has some knowledge on the subject. There thought was that since they were separating from Kaplan they had to Re-apply for accreditation. As long as we pass the NCLEX first round we should be good. Also there are colleges that offer BSN and take Brightwood credits.
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  9. by   Dc117
    I agree there are a lot of RN-BSN programs that only require a RN license.
  10. by   Jadler
    Hola Chicas, I work at Palomar hospital, and just got accepted. I work with 6 people who all went to Kaplan/Brightwood, and all passed the NCLEX on their first try, and they all have RN jobs, mostly in the OR. Some have gone on to get their BSN. I think, (and I hope) that the accreditation is fine.
  11. by   Jshea00
    Does anyone know what the schedule of the First Semester looks like. I am planning on getting a part time job 10- 20 hours and would like to know what would be work schedule options.
  12. by   DomoniqueH
    Do you remember what kind os math questions/formulas were on the test?
  13. by   HAD12
    Hi there Im applying for the upcoming class in July, what where al of your scores on the HESI. Im toking it this upcoming Friday. Im a little nervous about it, really about the math. Any pointers would be awesome! congrats to those who got in!!