Bridgeport Hospital Nursing School Dorms

  1. Does anyone know what the dorms are like at BHSN? I've been accepted for the Fall '09 class and will be moving to CT from San Diego to attend. I'm giving serious thought to staying in the dorm since its only a couple of hundred a month vs paying rent.
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  3. by   xochristie07xo
    Unfortunately I havent had the chance to see them yet but I have heard that they are just very small single rooms. Not exactly sure but I know I would love to find out too. Im going this fall also and I really could use the dorm just as a place to study with no distractions...
  4. by   kjsrn2011
    Hopefully we'll find out soon. I've been trying to get some info from the school, but they haven't been answering my emails or phone messages. It's making me a little bit uneasy. They did finally cash my deposit check so I guess all is well for now. I just wish they would send the registration packet so I know when I have to been there for orientation, fingerprinting, and drug testing. I need to book a ticket as soon as possible.

    Did you apply for the day or night program? I prefer days, but will take whatever they give me.

    Thanks for replying.
  5. by   xochristie07xo
    Tell me about it!! I've been so uneasy everyday waiting for my mailman to deliver some news. Its almost as bad as waiting for the acceptance letter lol... But yea I hope we get some form of information soon!!! I dont think all of our hearts can take it much longer!

    Oh.. btw Im definitely doing the day
  6. by   kjsrn2011
    Good, hopefully I'll have day classes also. Let me know when you get your packet. Since I'm in San Diego I'm sure you'll get yours before I do.