Biology 20 at LA Southwest College

  1. Has anyone taken Kim and Haas for Biology 20 (combined Anatomy and Physiology) class at LA Southwest College? I may take it Fall 2010. It's a one semester, 8 hour class. I'm not sure if I should take this or take it separately? The schools I'm looking at accept this class. Thanks in advance if anyone has any information or advice.
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  3. by   gladiola
    I didn't take the combined class, but I did have Haas for Physiology (by itself) last Fall and he was awesome. Really broke down the material so you could understand it. Probably one of the best instructors I've had so far!
  4. by   Michael CNA
    Thanks so much for your response! Did you feel the exams were fair? Did he give study guides or sessions for the exams? Also, was there any extra credit offered? I've narrowed my search down for a class to a few instructors and I may need to add him to my list. I'm taking Chem and Anatomy this fall. Actually Chem 51 at LASW with Toure?

    Thanks again for your information and feedback!

  5. by   gqzmilenio
    I am taking Bio20 at southwest in the fall too...can you email me at maybe we could share the book
  6. by   anie10
    The mod is going to come in and erase the names of the instructors - we are not supposed to post names.

    Both of those educators have good ratings on