Best sequence......Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology.....

  1. What sequence do you feel is best to take these classes in?

    If you doubled up on any two, which two would you recommend.

    Our school has separate Anatomy and Physiology classes, and I see others combine it........does that mean taking both together would work well?

    If you've been there, done that........please let me know how you went about taking these.

    Lastly, which of these lend itself to a summer session of 8 weeks and which ones would you never consider as a shortened class?

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   BouBou
    I have taken Anatomy and Physiology together as one course and seperately. When I took them together the Lecture was all about the Physiology and the Lab was the Anatomy portion. As a result of my previous course not transfering, I had to take them again, but seperately.

    During the regular semesters, I would suggest taking Anatomy first. This class is a "What is it/Where is it" expose of the Human Body. Physiology is more challenging "What does it do/Why does it/How do they work together". That being said ideally I would take them all three seperately(not during the same semester if they were seperate courses). However, if my back was against the wall, I would combine Anatomy and Micro. Then save Physiology for last because, it is by far the more challenging of the three, in my experience.

    I just finished Anatomy in the Spring, and am taking Physiology in 6 weeks this summer. I know it is going to be challenge. Although, the classes are offered in the summer, I would only suggest taking them if you really have the time to dedicate to them. There is absolutely no room for procrastination in these classes in the short summer sessions. I would pick the classes with the smallest credit hours. In my school Anatomy and Physiology are both 5 credits and Micro is 4 credits. Therefore, for the summer Micro would be my first choice followed by Anatomy, and then Physiology.
  4. by   Agenyc
    I took anatomy and micro together in the fall, and I am taking Physiology now, and that worked out perfectly for me.
    I find physiology much more difficult- you really have to understand pathways and processes with tons of details.
    In Anatomy and Micro there is a little more memorizing involved.
    Personally, I wouldn't take any of those 3 in the summer, it is just too much material to learn in 5 weeks --I took Chem 2 in 5 weeks last summer and it nearly killed me! :-). But if you have 8 weeks I would probably do anatomy.
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  5. by   EthnicBeauty
    I took Anatomy and Physiology over the Spring. Not combined they were two seperate courses each with a lab but I took them together. That was a tremendous amount of work! My instructor requires two 10 page papers for each though (total 4 because it was the same instructor for both classes).
    Although it was hard, I am glad I got them both out of the way. I am slated for Micro this summer (9 wk course).
    Anatomy you mainly memorize, memorize, and more memorize. Physiology you have to know the why, where, and when of all the processes. Much more difficult in my opinion. I can't say for micro but I'll say anatomy/physiology is do-able just be prepared to study your butt off every waking moment!