Baptist Hospital Scholars Program (BARRY)

  1. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying for Barry Baptist on-site Scholars Program?

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  3. by   charlyn15
    I am interested in that program. I completed my AA degree but I need to take more clases to fill all the prerequisites and I am not sure how many. I would apply for spring but the accelerate program really scares me, and I don't think it would be a good idea to wait until Fall2010(where the next regular program start) , Anyway, I applied for MDC , and I hope that with my 3.79GPA I could get into MDC BAPTIST program.
  4. by   FutureFlNurse
    Hi Jessica,

    I am also applying for the Baptist on-site through Barry. I am so glad to finally see someone else going for the same thing. Have you turned in your packet? I have my interview next week and am very nervous! Good luck!!
  5. by   jmi0886
    Yay! I just turned it in. My interview is next friday the 26th. I am extremely nervous too! I am pretty bummed out about my whole situation. I wanted to attend the Miami Shores campus but the 90 spots were already full so Terri advised me to this otherwise I cannot start till January I am wondering what they might ask us? Do you know anyone who has done this thing already?
  6. by   FutureFlNurse
    My interview is on the 24th so I will definitely give you the heads up as to what they will ask. I've had my heart set on Baptist since the beginning because they give 20k and you have a guaranteed job. My husband also works at Baptist and loves it there. I had the chance to register for Miami Shores and didn't because of the commute. Then I had a change of heart and asked Terri but it was too late, they were full! She had my files reviewed and I got accepted for January's accelerated program as a back up. If we start January, we still end up graduating at the same time since the accelerated program is one semester less.

    I did some searches the other day and saw some old posts referring to questions they asked. Maybe you can try that and see what you come up with? I will do the search again and post what I find on here. I am taking a class with a girl that did the scholars program, but she said that when she did it, was interviewed by one person not a PANEL of nurses!!! So, she is not really able to provide much insight about the interview
  7. by   FutureFlNurse
    Re: Baptist Hospital Scholars Program - Miami
    So I had an interview and here are some questions I was asked:

    Why do you want to be a nurse?

    What would you do if you saw a pt being mistreated by a fellow nurse?

    How would you handle a mistake in regards to a pt?

    how do you handle pt confidentials?

    Why do you want to work here?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

    basic garden variety questions I guess.
  8. by   BMNurse85
    Does anyone here actually think it is worth it? Baptist only gives you 4k if you are attending barry. I received a scholarship from barry offering me 7k per semester and I am not tied down to a hospital after i graduate. Do some of you mind explaining why you want to be part of the Baptist program?
  9. by   jmi0886
    [font="tahoma"]yes, i also was accepted to the january accelerated..the only problem is it is so overwhelming because there are so many classes in one shot. i kinda had my heart set on starting in the fall. i dont know what i will do till january. thanks so much for forwarding me that post. i guess i will have to prepare for what i am going to say. the commute to kendall is way to far for me (i live in aventura) i went down there today to drop off my application and it took almost an hour each way due to traffic..thats going to be a little hectic for me to do on a daily basis but if worse comes worse, i may just have to move down there or somewhere half way. thats great that your husband works there because you will have special consideration (it said on the app. for relatives for employees..) i wish i would have registered for miami shores earlier but i was waiting to hear from nova, which i did not get into and bcc which i did but i dont see the point in me getting another aa degree since i just graduated from there in december with all my prereqs. i am so stressed out. did you take that entrance exam yet? i am studying for it now. i have to get my background check finished as well. i just got that packet in the mail.

    barry gave me a 7k scholarship but its for the year, not per semester. its definitely not enough so the rest i have to take out in loans which i do not really want to do but if i have to i will.
    i think the scholarship from baptist is worth it because its a great hospital and your guaranteed a job. although u can probably get a job in a ton of places. it does have pros and cons but my situation is i need the money and cannot get in the miami shores campus because its filled to its capacity. hopefully someone will drop their spot at miami shores and i can get in that campus. you should apply, you have nothing to lose.
  10. by   FutureFlNurse
    I know, I really want to start in the fall as well. I am not sure I can hack it in an accelerated program, I am just happy we at least have a plan B. I applied for MDC, but the cut off GPA was 3.8, so I am sure I can't go that route. I also have an AA and had my reservations about pursuing another associates degree, but in the end decided that if that's what I had to do I would. I hate the thought of letting another year pass me by. I am sorry about the commute, that is exactly what I dread if I have to go to Miami Shores. But in the end you have to remember that the sacrifice is well worth it. I know you will sort it all out. I am sure Baptist employees are a shoe in, but I don't know about relatives. The application does not have a place for you to put the relative that works there's information. I am registered to take the entrance exam on 07/10. I just sent out the fingerprint cards and did the drug test on Monday. I still have to enroll for CPR certification. I got all my shots, 2 PPD tests and am in the process of getting the series of Hep B shots. Geez, they want so much stuff! Are you going to the orientation on Aug 26 for transfer students to Barry?


    I want to go for the same reasons
  11. by   jmi0886
    oh, Did you buy the book for that test? I have it, I heard a lot of stuff in that book is on the test. Its not so difficult either. I dont know if i am going to go to the transfer, I was told its not mandatory. I will definitely be at the orientation for the Nursing Program. My cpr certification just expired so I have to do it again. Where are you going to do that? I am glad I found someone in a similar situation as me!
  12. by   FutureFlNurse
    I had to get it online, every store I went to was out! I am glad to hear it's the same stuff on the test. I thought it was mandatory, I guess that is one less thing to worry about then. I am planning on doing at MDC Kendall or Homestead. Too bad you live so far!! It'd be great to do it together. I am glad too! Hopefully we'll be getting started together this fall! Take care!
  13. by   jmi0886
    Yeah I hope! Well Keep in touch! Let me know how your interview goes! lot of luck!
  14. by   FutureFlNurse
    Thank you! I will keep you posted!