1. I took the TEAS recently and wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to pass the TEAS exam with at least an advanced score in order to get into the nursing program. Now, I have to say, going into taking the TEAS exam, I did not have a good test-taking method. I am not a good test taker by any means! I'm actually one of those people that stresses themselves out before taking a test. I stress myself out so much that I end up doing horrible on tests because I blank out. Does this sound familiar?

    If this sounds familiar to you, then I believe the video I have to share with you will benefit you. I would not like to ramble on, but would rather you watch the video in full. And if you would like leave some feedback. Or use my tips and bookmark this video. Let me know if it has helped you do well on the ATI TEAS. Or if you are a student nurse already that has taken the TEAS, do you think these tips could have helped you, or did you do something similar?

    You can watch the video in full here:

    In this video I am sharing 5 tips and tricks that I found essential in order to not only pass the ATI TEAS exam, but to pass it with AT LEAST an advanced score. It can be hard jumping into something that is new. And even harder when this is a competitive field to get into, by following these tips, I hope to prep you on what to expect on the TEAS, or at least how to feel ready.
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