Athens Tech ASN program 2018

  1. Hello everyone, I just applied for the Athens tech ASN program and took my NLN yesterday and received my score. Now I just have to wait. My pre req GPA is a 3.65 I believe and my NLN composite score is a 146 which puts me in the 99th percentile. I was floored when I saw that last night. I hope this is all good enough to be accepted. Has anyone else applied on here? I was thinking we could start a discussion and keep each other updated and offer support and advice. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   ClarafutureRN
    I applied.. my score is a 122!
  4. by   HAL09
    Nice! What's your GPA?
  5. by   NurseNancyToBe
    I applied as well. I was told we would hear something around mid March.
  6. by   ClarafutureRN
    I want to say a 3.3 or 3.4.. Who said we would know something mid-March? What is your GPA and score?
  7. by   NurseNancyToBe
    One of the advisors said they mailed letters 6 weeks after the application deadline. Not sure of my gpa.. 3.8? My NLN score is 146.
  8. by   DJRN04
    i applied with a 124/80% score on the nln and overall gpa 3.7.. do we know what classes are considered?
  9. by   Kwright22
    I applied with a 3.4 and an 80% on the NLN. I was pretty bummed out with my NLN score. I was told that Athens was switching to the TEAS test so I studied for that test and took that. I soon found out that they didn't switch and had to take the NLN last minute without studying for it. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   NurseNancyToBe
    The five classes are:
    A&P I w lab
    a&P II w lab
    Microbiology w lab
  11. by   Kwright22
    I just saw on the ATC Nursing website under Admissions Requirements that the NLN composite score has to be 85% or greater. I didn't see this before so I emailed admissions to see if this is a new update. I'll let you know what they say.
  12. by   DJRN04
    I just went on there under admission requirements and I see no less than the 70th percentile.. how do we find out if we were accepted
  13. by   NurseNancyToBe
    I believe we receive notification through the mail.
  14. by   Kwright22
    Now I can't find where I saw it! Maybe I was in a different Program of study! lol I'm going insane I'm stressing so much about it! Sorry everyone!