Applying to TCU nursing school

  1. Hi all, I am currently a UTA pre-nursing student. My original plan was to apply here at UTA's upper-division program, but I've found that my GPA is probably not where it needs to be; it's probably a 3.2 or so. I have been researching other college's nursing programs and really want to stay here in the DFW area, so I think that TCU could be a more realistic option; from what I've read, it's less competitive. Are there any TCU nursing students out there? (regular track- not accelerated) What was your GPA when you were accepted? Is it less competitive than surrounding school such as UTA? Is it worth the tutition? Please help!! I feel like there's no options for me, besides re-take a bunch of classes and make all A's in them... I have 26 remaining credits of pre-reqs to take before I could start the program, so that could raise my GPA a little, but not to UTA's standards, which is the problem.
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