Anyone heard of Indiana Dabney University in Merrillville, IN

  1. Hi All,
    I am thinking about going to Indiana Dabney University (formerly Indiana Graduate School of Management), and I am having a hard time finding information about the school from people that went there. I know their nursing program is new (just started in 2006).

    I found out they are approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing for their ASN program but they are not nationally accredited. So I will be able to get my RN license after grad but I am worried that my credits won't transfer when I go to get my BSN later.

    But they are the only nursing school in NW Indiana that has evening nursing classes (Mon-Thurs 6-10PM and Saturday Clinicals) which is perfect for my schedule. (I can't afford daycare, so this way I can stay home with my 2 yr old in the daytime).

    Any information you have about this school would be a big help.

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  3. by   jls0118
    Hi Bridget,

    I've never heard about that particular school before, I'm in a southeast suburb of Chicago. While I agree with you that night classes would be great, I went to a school that was not nationally accredidated, you may have heard of it, Fox College, they ended up selling the school the week before we graduated. Now I cannot get records, and none of my classes are transferable. So I would advise you to be very careful of your decision.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   aquariusbridget
    I went to an open house for Indiana Dabney University on Saturday and wasn't very impressed. It was very small and the only equipment I seen was 4 cheap looking hospital beds, 3 dummies, and 4 computers in their "computer lab". For the cost ($30,000.00) I would think they would have better equipment and their clinicals are all far away - Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago and another hospital in Hoffman Estates - Nothing local. Also they don't accept federal or state funded financial aid which is a bad thing. I don't know - It just didn't seem on the up and up. I think I will stick with the Ivy Tech plan.
  5. by   Newbomb
    How many beds/mannequins to you expect them to have? If they only have 20 students then what do they need more supplies for? Do you know how many PUC or IUN have? About half a dozen.....

    They also require that you have previous healthcare experience. Do you?

    People seem to have troubles understanding the relationship between them and school....

    You probably think that school is not for YOU, when really YOU are not for that school.

    You probably think Ivy Tech is a good school? Do you know what Ivy Tech said at THEIR open house?

    "We are not here to make nurses. We are here to get you to pass boards."

  6. by   aquariusbridget
    The reason that I chose to enroll in Ivy Tech's nursing program, is that not only are they approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing, but they are accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

    I have called a few area universities regarding transfer of credit by an institution that was not nationally accredited. All of them said that in order for credit to transfer it must be from a nationally accredited institution. Nearly all of Ivy Tech credits transfer to other colleges and universities.

    Another reason for choosing Ivy Tech, is that because they are nationally accredited, they are eligible for federal and state financial aid. Indiana Dabney does not qualify for government financial aid.

    Ivy Tech also has a new partnership agreement with Valparaiso University that allows Ivy Tech graduates to earn their BSN at a reduced tuition rate to address the shortage of nurses and nurse educators in the area.

    Follow link to article:

    Also, Ivy Tech has many colleges throughout the state of Indiana. I know for a fact that local hospitals hire their grads.

    And yes I do have previous healthcare experience as a CNA.
  7. by   Newbomb
    What does going for the BSN have anything to do with it?

    Dabney has their own BSN program...and MSN/Practioner programs!!!

    I've seen some pretty phucked up stuff go down at Ivy Tech Gary...people cheating in classes and professors, I mean "teachers", letting it slide....

    Ivy tech is a community college correct?

    As a CNA, you shuold have known better!