Anyone Have a BFA?

  1. I got my BFA in theatre from Rutgers U. in 2002, and now want to be a nurse. I'm looking at accelerated BSN and MEPN programs, and I found one, UCSF, that specifically says that BFA's aren't acceptable, because they're so focused, and you don't take as many general ed. classes. I did have to take general ed classes, and am taking all the prereq. classes now, plus working on an associate's, plus took years of general ed before I went to the theatre program. I graduated with honors, nat. deans list, university deans list, honors society, etc., all for nothing? I kind of feel like since I did well in undergrad, and it was an intensive program, that maybe that would show them that I can apply myself. I don't know, do any other schools have this same opinion? Has anyone heard of someone being turned down because of that? Do I stand a chance?
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  3. by   Melina
    I've never seen anything about what BA, BS degrees qualify you for an accel. program. I thought all BA programs had pretty much the same gen ed requirements. Did they even look at your transcripts? Seems like that would clear things up.