anyone from Salem.......

  1. Hi....anyone here from Salem,OR that can recommend me school of BSN which has a fair tution fee? Can you give me the link pls if i can send them by credentials if my credits here in Philippines will be accepted in that school?

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  3. by   georgekorvorkus
    Hi, I'm only familiar with the Portland schools (about an hour north of Salem). OHSU, Concordia (very nice little private school), University of Portland, George Fox. Chemeketa College is in Salem, but I believe it's a 2 year.

    Good luck, George
  4. by   ladyrosy06
    thanks so much guys for the info
  5. by   medsurgnights
    There are no BSN programs in Salem, I'll add more Portland BSN programs to the list (Linfield College, Walla Walla College), but OHSU has the lowest tuition.