Anyone else had a complete pre-req change?

  1. Hello everyone. I am new to this part of the site; I have just completed my CNA courses and am about to get my certificate.....yay! I am working in home health right now and I also go to school full time. With Pell & scholarships and a very, very understanding partner who is taking care of the majority of the bills right now; my pay is piddly and when I am in school, well, it is non-existent!

    My school is great--they offer tutoring which is free and I tested into the degree program (ASN) with a need for remedial Algebra, but I went right into Comp&Rhetoric. I have also completed the very first Biology course required, but only with a B for the lecture and a C for the lab. I understand this completely; I did not apply myself as much as I should have.

    So!! Here I go, thinking, yeah, I better take that Biology&Lab again to bring up that GPA since I am just starting the sciences----and the school says HEY!!! We're starting a new science pre-req program for nursing students, and you have to go quite a bit further in Math, Psych, and of course, Biology.....oh boy.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, has this happened to anyone else? I am waitlisted for the original A&P part two,(and I am 'grandfathered in' to the original degree program), but the waitlist is long, long, long. There is only one instructor who is teaching the 2nd half of the original program...If I'm not offered a spot by 8/1, it ain't gonna happen. If I end up starting again, I have to spend an extra two or three semesters in school....and Pell is going to last for twelve semesters only. This is my 4th semester (this fall), and I wonder if there will be yet another change in the program. In fact, the school dropped the CNA course as a pre-req too; what were they thinking??? I am glad I took the CNA course and began working; it is the real introduction into nursing!!

    I have just completed my fall semester schedule, and I decided to stick it out and repeat the Biology and the Math since I have to keep going further, and take a 15-credit ride. I have kept up my GPA(3.5), but it has been tough. I just feel that the school has taken an entire class and swept us under the rug!

    Has this happened to anyone else?
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