Anybody from Laguardia college..

  1. HI, just got accepted for Laguardia college majoring on pre-clinical for the nursing program, my question; did anyone go to this school and is there anything i can expect? what are my chances in getting in the nursing program? greatly appreciated, thanks a mil.
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  3. by   Doofy
    I'm assuming you are talking about LaGuardia cc. Basically, all CUNY's get a LOT of applicants into their clinical program every year. So don't slack off.
  4. by   gigi15
    Hi All,
    I just applied for Laguardia's Spring / Fall program --- hoping to get in but am also applying elsewhere. Am done with all the pre-reqs. Anyone currently in their program? How is it? and what GPA were you accepted with? Is there an entrance test? Please share the wait is killing!!!!!
  5. by   Roxy625
    Hi gigi, i applied to Laguardia college and i received a letter for acceptance for the preclinical nursing program, u need to have all a's for the pre-r classes, if not it is highly recommended to take your science classes over. no placement exams after having 45 credits. but i will say, the parking is a horror. good luck and let me know what u decide. thanks.
  6. by   nancyctman
    dear all, i am planning to go to laguardia college for those prereques. i really want ask anyone know some easy going professors for the A&P 1 CLASS?? thanks a lot.
  7. by   coookie
    hey im in Laguardia right now...i just faced a sad truth...there are over 350 students going for 60 only advice is to knock out the pre-reqs as best u can and then apply to every clinical program u can think of including laguardias

    keep pushing it!:typing