Another less pre req

  1. I currently asked Rutgers if they woudl accept my Quan Methods class that i took at Montclair State in place of stats class that i have to take in order to get in the program. They agreed, so now i dont have to take Stats. Quan Methods was 10x harder anyway.

    Then i asked if they woudl also take my Nutrition class that i took at Montclair State, and after reviewing the syllabus, they agreed. So now i dotn have to take Nutrtion either....well i dont have to take it again.

    So i was planning on having to take Stats and Nutrtion in addition to AP 1&2, Micro, Organic Bio Chem, etc, but it turns out thats 2 less class i thought i would have to take.

    That was some good news today.

    Does anybody know if Social Pyschology is equivalent to Sociology. Because i knwo Sociology at Rutgers is a pre-req but itook Socioal Psy. Does anybody know if schools take Social Psy in place of Sociology?
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