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  1. Hi all!
    I'm hoping this may be helpful for some of you out there! Let me start with a little background... I was working in real estate when I decided that I wanted to go into nursing. I had gone to school at a community college and had many pre requisites from a previous degree, but not all of them to enter a community college ADN program. ACC Los Angeles is an ADN program that has all of the pre reqs included and they accepted all applicable transfer credits. The application process was easy. I took and passed the admissions test, did an interview and was notified that I was accepted all within about 2 months. There was no wait list and classes started about a month after that.
    The program itself was a bit chaotic, but it may be a little better now. They are still trying to figure things out as far as instructors, clinical sites, and schedules.

    Instructors- They have some really great and passionate instructors, but unfortunately and most importantly, their med-surg I,II,III is an absolute disaster and it is the most important thing. The instructor we got was a total scatter brain who should not have been allowed to teach. I would avoid this program all together due to this! However, I have found out that they have replaced her with one of their top instructors who used to only teach peds. If this is the case, GO FOR IT! (PM me if you want names and are seriously considering attending ACC). Mental health, peds, and maternity have killer instructors!!!

    Clinical: The clinical instructors here are amazing and passionate. This is where you will do a lot of your learning at this school. They can see the short comings of the theory med surg instructor and they do their best to compensate. The sites are decent and I went to St. Vincent, Hollywood Pres, Norwalk community and more. Not all the clinical sites were to die for, but you get out what you put into it.

    Scheduling: You are at their mercy. They give out schedules last minute, change sites and instructors around for both theory and clinical. They send you far for clinical and are not reasonable about letting people switch for convenience/carpooling. The ADN administration is *takes a deep breath* subpar, but they do listen if you go in and talk to them one-on-one. Meh, this may or may not be the same at any of the schools.

    The really important stuff: All in all, every single person in my cohort made it to graduation (deserved or not). I passed my NCLEX and so have many of my classmates (with the minimum 75 questions!). The school will pay for an ATI coach to ensure you pass because they want the pass scores. My classmates have already started finding jobs. I finished in 18 months and had a GPA of 3.8. As of now I am a RN thanks to ACC.

    If you have the luxury to spend time on wait lists and/or want to save money by not going to a private school then by all means... do it. If you are an LVN or someone who wants to become an RN asap then go here. You will put in more effort into your own learning than the other route, but you will make it out the other end as a registered nurse.
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    I stumbled upon your thread and found it really helpful, also I'm highly interested in attending.
    I'm not able to send you a private message as I don't have enough posting to do so.
    Any chance you can email me I have a few questions that I want clarity on.

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    wow thanks so much for their review I'm about to start the admissions process next week and It was hard to find reviews for this school