Advice please - backup degree plan

  1. I hope to apply for nursing school in the fall of 2014. If for some reason I do not get accepted, then I would like to find another skilled degree where I can apply recent college credits. There are only 2 nursing programs in my area that are suitable for my personal situation, unless I consider a hugely expensive private university. I have an associate's degree in liberal arts, so basically I am taking science courses now.

    I am turning 37 soon and feeling pressured for time. What are some other skilled bachelor's degrees I could pursue if nursing school doesn't work out? I thought about dietetics since there is program nearby, but it really isn't where my heart is even though it may be the best option. I have struggled with my weight for years despite all the nutrition knowledge gained after studying to become a nutrition consultant and regular exercise, I am still overweight (mostly due to stress and hypothyroidism). I feel that even if I pursued dietetics, I wouldn't be taken seriously. Don't get me wrong, I love nutrition and it has always been a passion, however I feel weight would an issue.

    So, what are some other options that won't take me another 4 years of school if I don't get accepted into a nursing program? I need to get a job and be able to support myself and my son in the next few years. Also, dietetics would require 3 more years of college along with a 1 year internship.
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