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  1. I recently realized that I would love to be a midwife one day and so I'm trying to apply into a Nursing program. I had a bad semester back in 2006 when I first went to college which ended up with me being put on academic suspension (it was pretty bad, I ended up having a 0.33 GPA). I was suffering from some depression issues.

    Since then I have done a 10 month national service program and gone to community college. I have been back to college for one semester now and I just got my grades back (I made the Dean's List and have a GPA of 3.55!)

    The associates program at my school takes applications in February (for Fall 10) and the requirements are an accumulative GPA of 2.7. I've done the math and I don't think I can possibly raise my GPA high enough in just one semester to get into the program. I'm trying to figure out if I should even bother applying. I want to get my Masters eventually and I was planning on doing an RN to BSN or Masters program so that I can work and go to school at the same time. Now I'm wondering if it would be better to transfer to my state college to get my BSN right off the bat (it doesn't make sense to me to wait until 2011 to even start getting my associates degree when in about the same amount of time I could have my BSN). I don't really know if I could get accepted into a BSN program at my state college (the site confuses me a bit). I would have to be at the state college for a year before getting accepted into the BSN program from what I can figure.

    I'm just trying to become a nurse as quickly as possible because like a lot of other people I have bills to pay and not too much help in terms of paying for college. I don't have the time or money to wait years and years before I can even start working towards my degree unfortunately.

    Anyone have any advice, helpful criticism, or possible alternatives?
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