Accelerated Microbiology course

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a student currently taking my pre-reqs for a number of Master's Entry Nursing programs throughout SoCal (probably the most impacted part of the country for this program). Since I started this process 3 years ago, I've had an exceedingly difficult time getting into sciences courses. I've already earned my Bachelors, so my registration date is always late, and with the huge demand for these classes, it's been nearly impossible to even get on a waitlist.

    I've been lucky enough to get into Anatomy and Physiology. The biggest challenge, however, has been getting into Microbiology. It's the last class I need, and after waiting 2 semesters, only to be rejected from a total of 6 different sections at 3 different schools, my last option appears to be at a private university that offers an accelerated Micro class over the span of 4 weekends. Yes, that's right. 8 days to do what most can barely grasp in 16 weeks.

    I wonder if there's anyone out there who has taken such a class, and who might be willing to share their experience? I'm also open to any advice you might have as far as getting into Micro. Maybe there are other schools that offer the course (not accelerated) at a private school? At this point, I'm willing to pay almost anything.

    Thanks in advance. Sorry it's such a long post.

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  3. by   piggie02
    I'll be taking Micro online through Brigham Young University and it's very reasonably priced. It is a self-learning type class, so you have to be very disciplined, as you even have to schedule your exams on your own time. But I think it's a great option to get it out of the way.
  4. by   jasonmstone82

    I just signed up for micro through byu. I havent started yet. How has the course been for you so far? Have you gotten to the first mid term yet?
  5. by   Elkay
    hi GamerGal,

    I totally understand the difficulty of getting science prerequisite classes right now in Cali. Took me a year just to wait to get general chemistry. By the time I can get A&P or micro, it'll be 10 years later probably. So I also just went to an accelerated 1 month class for my last 3 sciences.
    I did fine and I liked it, but it was 3 months of no regular sleep, a lot of stuff to study and remember every night. Tests and quizzes in class almost everyday. You really do not have time to waste. Good thing all of my professors were very understanding so they would put extra credit on tests and stuff to help us out. The professor is very important because the honestly 3 science classes aren't that hard, but depending on how the professor teach or test you, it may screw you over or help you.
    Personally I like my classes fast since i'm used to quarter system at my uni. So it really depends on how you time manage. Make sure you have no outside distractions like family, friends, boyfriend whatever.
  6. by   pomegranatejuice
    would love to find out where the accelerated 1 month classes are available
  7. by   DLOAH
    They offer accelerated science, math, and psych classes at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, Ca. Each class is 1800, and you can pay weekly. Each class is one month sat and sun from 10-7 or 8-4. They have some classes that are fri night and Saturday day. I'm not sure what the hours are for those days. Hope this helps you.