AA in THEATRE... I want my BSN!

  1. This semester I will be graduating with my AA in Musical Theatre. It was something I am passionate about and I completed it. Now I want to get my BSN for RN. However, my GPA is a wopping 2.5 right now. Theatre classes and productions take up a lot of time! Now that I don't have any productions I am really able to focus on classes and am doing well this semester. My GPA will probably go up, but not by far. I have not taken ANY of the nursing pre-req courses. And I will be getting a brand new GPA at the university I attend in the fall for Pre-Nursing. Will the nursing program look at my new GPA I attain there with the Pre-Req courses I take? Is this adding on an extra year for my BSN because I wasn't a nursing major prior to this? I am confused. I hope I still have a chance to get into a nursing program.

    Can someone please help me?:bowingpur
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    Why does no one reply to my posting!!!!???
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    The school won't care about your old GPA once you are in for pre-nursing. It won't extend your program for your BSN, you'll be like a student who hasn't gone to college at all so it would take you the average four years it would take everyone. The University will only care about the classes you take at their school and since you have no pre-reqs, it will be like you haven't even gone to college to them so you won't have anything to worry about.
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    Well I have all my classes like comp 1 and comp 2 ... College Algebra.. public speaking... just don't have the required science classes like chem... or organic chem... and A and P
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    Oh well then it shouldn't take you too long to do the required sciences. When you go to a new university they only use your GPA as an entrance so they will count as the university requirements but they shouldn't mean anything. I transferred to the college I am now with most of my gen ed's like english and stuff but no sciences. The old college grades realy don't mean much to them and they only focus on my current GPA.