A stupid question.

  1. Hello to everybody, i have a funny/stupid question...
    i'm in college,taking my general ed classes,so i can apply to get into the nursing program...i really want to be a nurse....can't wait.
    Anyway,i'm trying to get a job,and about a week ago i applied for a caregiver position into a retirement home...i got called for an interview...i don't know if i'll get this job....but if i do i think it's a good start....i want to be a nurse,take care of people for the rest of my life...
    Do u guys think i'm wasting my time....?I mean,do u think this will be a good experience?I know i'm not going to give shots or stuff like that,but i'm going to take care of old people...
    I have some people who told me this isn't a good idea....has nothing to do with nursing.... and stuff like that....
    I need to get a job,any kind of job,to pay for school,but i'd like to get a job that gives me some experience...related to nursing....or close....you know what i mean?
    Sorry about my english...(i'm from Italy).I hope i was clear...Gosh!i'm so stress out...this is my first job's interview in the U.S.A.it's scary...
    Anyway....thank you guys....this site is great!
    Have a good evening.
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  3. by   NurseJeanB
    Hello, I am curious why some people have said it is not a good idea? Every program I applied to gave extra points for job experience working with patients and or being bilingual. Now I haven't been fortunate to be bilingual or have work experience with patients (and even 20 years of working at a job doesn't get me anything because it is not healthcare related), but I did get some points for volunteering with the elderly. I think nurses are by nature caring people and that any experience has to be a plus. I think you will have a great start already being bilingual. Best wishes on your job interview. The advice I would give you is to concentrate on getting high grades in the prerequisites and if you can get a job in the healthcare industry, all those things together will make it that much easier to get into nursing school. Again best of luck to you.