A&P I lecture vs lab

  1. Hi everyone!

    I start A&P tomorrow night and I'm just wondering what I should expect with the lectures and lab. Is there a lot of videos/games/group work etc?

    Should I record the lectures? I haven't been in college since 2005 and I'm slightly nervous.

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  3. by   Amcanarn
    A&P1 is usually taught from a powerpoint. However, if you have trouble following the professor's lecture, then it wouldn't hurt to use a recording device. I would recommend making A LOT of note cards and reading the chapters multiple times. Lab is incredibly difficult, especially when you get to the muscles. The best you can do is study the origins, insertions, and actions ahead of time. It also helps to take pictures of all the models and dissections.
  4. by   Asrakhan86
    A lot of time it's how ur professor is mine was very understanding and accommodating don't freak out by bones list it's easy if u keep looking at real pictures or bones n once you go through bones muscles gets easier quizlet will help for theory as well hope it helps
  5. by   hodgieRN
    A lot of classes these days not only work off powerpoint, but you might have access the powerpoint presentation for downloading and then you can bring it class. Then, you can just write pointers on it. I'm sure not every prof does that but makes things easier. But make sure to use the book. You don't necessarily have to read word for word, but you should read as much as you can without overloading yourself.

    Lab isn't bad at all. It's actually kinda fun. The lecture portion of lab should only be beginning of class and then you start doing experiments or dissecting. I think lecture is a lot more involved than lab.
  6. by   stephanne
    Actually I have 3 hours of lecture one night and 3 hours of lab the next night!

    So far it's all PowerPoint!!
  7. by   cannolis
    Power point here too.. DVDs, And games (flash cards - the works.)
    I havent been in college for about 5 years, right now it's a little overwhelming (doesn't help that I have anxiety at times) but my homeworks/labs have been excellent. Lots of studying *for sure*!! Eager for this time to past to see how well I do on the first test. Hope I can do this!