Pre-Nursing Student at Reading Area Community College


Hello everyone! I am new to and have a few questions for the fellow pre-nursing students out there. I am currently enrolled for pre-nursing at Reading Area Community College in Reading, Pennsylvania and my first semester starts January 20th. I plan on only taking my prerequisites there and then transferring out to another school to complete the actual nursing classes/clinicals. Can anybody, preferably from Pennsylvania tell me what prerequisites they had to take before entering nursing school and how long it took to complete them? I have an interview on Monday for a 4 week paid CNA course at a long-term facility and after the 4 weeks I can sit for the CNA examination and then they'll offer me a full-time position that I will of course accept. So while I'm most likely going to be working full-time, I plan on only attending the CC part-time. I need advice, I already know working full-time and going to school full-time throughout nursing school is almost completely impossible, so I choose to work full-time as my husband and I need the extra money. Any advice would be lovely! Can't wait to get to know the AllNurses community better!!

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Most associate degree programs require A & P I and II, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Sociology, Psychology, several English classes, several math classes (usually at least Algebra), maybe some Philosophy and Ethics. You really need to see which programs you are interested in for the specific requirements of that program as they can vary. Good luck!