Pre-Nursing student, have some questions.

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I'm currently enrolled at Modesto Junior College, taking basic classes and pre-reqs for the ADN program they offer. They go off a lottery system, and i'm nervous about how long it will actually take me to get into the program.

What i'm wondering is if I wanted to go to California State University Stanislaus, for their nursing do I go about it? Do I take all my general ed at MJC, then transfer to Stan State for their nursing program? Is that even possible? I'm such a novice at this stuff, any info on community colleges vs. universities would be greatly appreciated!


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I'd call the university you want to attend and ask to speak with an academic adviser for their nursing program. That way you'll know exactly what you need to do (ie which of your classes will transfer, what additional pre-reqs you need, etc). This is one of those times where 2nd hand advice won't be as valuable.

Best of luck!!




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Nevermind, I quit being lazy and looked it up, lol. Stan State doesn't even have the nursing program I need, haha. They just have an RN to BSN program, that I will be utilizing in the future!

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