Pre-nursing student Bunkerhill Community College



I currently at BHCC taking my pre reqs.. So far ive only taken chem 120 and english 111 I got A's in both classes :) in the summer im taking Bio 101 and Psych 101. In the fall im taking drug calculations, anatomy and physiology and sociology. In dec I should b done with my pre requisites. So im planning to apply at BHCC and RCC for fall 2012... I think all of my credits transfer but does any one know. Also how important is math on the Teas? Ive always struggled with it. I heard that up to 800 people apply each semester. What teas grade do I have to get? Is there some extra math help that I can get at bhcc.. I took a statistics class 3 years ago that transfered but I got a C..... As long as i get all A's and B's i should be fine right. Please help guys i really want to be a nurse im a young mom with a 3 year old!!! If i dont get into bhcc i really want rcc!!