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I am about to start taking my pre-req (A&P and some basics I need to make up). I cannot start the nursing program until next year but still need to take the HESI etc. My question is what all can I start doing prior to starting that will help me be further along. Any ideas and tips, especially for passing HESI and any other basic courses prior to Nursing school that may put me ahead of the game in my own knowledge would be great. :wink2:

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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but here is a website to obtain study materials for the HESI.

Hope this helps you.



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Thank you so much this site does look like it will help!


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A school that I applied to actually had a study or review class for the HESI. It was a non-college-credit class and the cost was minimal. I actually got accepted to a different school before I took the HESI. So I can't speak to how effective it was, but that may be something you might want to look into.


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I take the HESI after each semester when i'm done with clinical rotations. I just finished taking one for psych and one for women's health. I found it useful to ONLY use the HESI book because numbers are different in other NCLEX books and you may learn slightly different things in classes you take. The HESI hints are good to go over and also doing the problems on the CD are great as well. The HESI test was rough to get through for me. I think it's great you want to get a jump start on test-taking practice for the HESI. I wish I had.

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