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Pre-nursing GPAs

Pre-Nursing   (643 Views 1 Comments)
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Hey everyone,

I'm currently a Freshman at UTSA looking at getting into the UT Health Science Center for nursing. I have 39 of the needed 54 credits to apply at the moment, with a GPA of 3.69. I still need to take ALL my sciences. Yes, all of them- Micro, A&P, chemistry, etc. so my GPA is expected to fluctuate of course. I stress everyday about getting into the program (I'm going the BSN route and later hope to become a CRNA) and would REALLY appreciate if anyone can leave input on their GPAs, TEAS scores and extracurriculars when accepted into UT Health Science Center San Antonio. Note: I have not yet taken the TEAS, and have heard varying rumors on how much it effects admittance into nursing programs.

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