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Where are you going to school ? Do you like it ?

DId you have a hard time getting in?

I have been taking all my pre reqs at the city colleges for the last couple of years .

I only have 2 mores classes to take b4 i apply (i am completing all the pre reqs for BSN (chem/organic /biochem etc) too but will be applying to ADN programs as well)

I know the program at Truman college is very competitive but it stinks that they don't lay it all out there for you as far as how they rank etc...i know they did a lottery this past year and some of my classmates got in on their first try.

Any info on Oakton CC des plaines, TRiton (river grove?) or Harper In palatine ?

I guess I will NOW have to take the NLN pre entrance exam b/c oakton and harper require it ..geesh this is getting old

i was going to apply to Truman 2 semesters ago so I had to take the ACT (hello........ I took the SAT like 10 years ago) then i decided not to apply and now they do not even require it ! WASTE of money and time :)

anyone else feeling anxious about getting into school ?????????? it seems impossible some days :)

TIA for any feedback


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i will post this again as i got no responses ...

i guess there are no pre nursing students from chicago out there?????????????

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