pre-employment Mental Aptitude Testing?

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I just finished a successful interview with a drug/alcohol detox/treatment organization in which they stated the next step was to perform a mental aptitude test. I didn't receive any further details other than that they would be contacting me to schedule this test. I have never heard of this before, and neither have any of my nurse friends. Could someone please shed some light on this test? Is it done on paper/computer or like an interview? What types of questions do they ask?

I'd really like to be prepared for this, any info would be great!

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cannot "be prepared". This type of test is to try to weed out liars and thieves and ax murderers. Unless you are one of those types I would not worry. I had one years ago and it was kinda fun. The company had determined that most of their high performers had certain personality traits. They are tyring to see if you have those traits. You have a right to the results, by the way.

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There are many types of aptitude and personality tests. Some of the best known tests are the Wonderlic (usually known as the test given to pro football players) and those based off Myers-Briggs (which sorts people based on their responses in four categories: Introvert/Extrovert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judgment/Perception). They're primarily designed to test the way you look at different situations, how you prefer to react, your skill sets, and/or your general intelligence. Many larger companies use these tests to look for individuals who will work well with the personalities of those who are already employed there and to gauge applicants' general intelligence, adaptability, and/or skills in certain areas (such as management). You could try brushing up on your math skills, but aptitude tests aren't really tests for which you can "prepare" or "study" terribly effectively.

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Thanks for the info! @NamasteNurse I'd like to argue that this is an excellent form of research. Personal experience and first hand knowledge can be the best source of information, and in this case it was! Thanks for the websites and the 'great advice' :)

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