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Hi there, I recently (Friday) took a urine screen and I used to take edibles for my AS pain but I stopped once my Rheumatologist got me on a good medication. My question is, I am still worried about coming up positive? It has only been maybe 7/8 weeks. I took them only at night and I tested for school and thats been good and I took home tests for my company I run and they have been negative but I know they are not as sensitive as employment ones are>? Im going into my 5th semester and I am so scared Ill pop positive even though I don't use anymore and I am terrified my school will get told, I am an A student with an excellent clinical history and do not want to jeopardize anything. I should know by tomorrow (Wed/Thurs). Should I just withdrawal my application with a good justification to avoid the risk or is it too late and they can tell my school anyways? Im in Florida for reference. 

If it's been 8 weeks and all your other tests have been negative, you should be good. Your employer and school probably use similar tests with similar thresholds. My school and my employer used the same exact lab. 

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