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Hello All,

I am new to this site and need some help abt. Pratt community college LPN to RN online program.My question is I have some college from India,Do I have to give TEAS exam and if yes, where can I find the study material or what kind of questions are expected in TEAS test.I currently hold GA LPN license. And also what are the requirements to get started towards ADN,like prereqs. I mailed the college but haven't heard back from them.

If anyone can please help me who is currently enrolled in Pratt comm. college or who have finished their program with them.(LPN to RN online).

Thank you in advance.

Their website should answer most of your questions:

Online LPN-RN |

Specifically, try these two pages:

Frequently Asked Questions |

Curriculum |

You will need to hold a Kansas LPN license, and you will need to have your transcripts from your college in India sent for evaluation. Only the school can tell you whether those classes will transfer.

If you have not taken the TEAS test before, you will need to do that for admission. On the FAQ page, this is discussed.

Good luck.

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