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Practice exams - Excelsior Chronicity


OK, I admit I haven't studied for this one all that long! My prestudy grade was 59, now I got a 68. Anyone get these grades and still pass the actual exam? I feel OK about the material, I really would just like to get this one over with!! Thanks!! K

TashaLPN2006RN2012, ASN, RN

Specializes in Home Health, Podiatry, Neurology, Case Mgmt. Has 8 years experience.

you will probably do just fine, but you need to make sure you really look at the ones you missed and understand why you missed them...there seemed to be a lot of similar questions on the exam itself!

Murse901, MSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Case Management, Informatics. Has 13 years experience.

To be honest, you need to study more. I got similar scores on the practice exam and I scraped by with a C on chronicity.