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Practical training

by Walsermaika Walsermaika (New) New

Hello everybody!

I'm a nursing student from Germany. I'm at the end of my first year of nursing school. In 2010, at the end of my second year, our school is offering us to do a 4 week practical training in a foreign country. Since I've been living in San Diego area for a year, I would love to do that training in California. Do you know any hospitals, elderly homes, day cares or social institutions, which are open to offer a 4 week practical training to a german nursing student? They wouldn't have any costs.....

If you have something on mind, please let me know and I can get in contact with the institution. And make the connection with the school, which has all the important information. They already have hospitals in other states of the U.S., which offer the trainings to foreign students, and they are really happy with that.

Well, so long....

Thanks a lot!

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