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Potential Kaiser assignment, opinions?

by mercdg mercdg (New) New

I am currently considering a travel assignment with Kaiser Walnut Creek through AMN. I have read multiple horror stories about Kaiser's treatment of travel nurses, but none specifically about Kaiser Walnut Creek. It's a 36 hour day shift position as an ICU float. I'm not worried about floating. More worried about facility cancel, mandatory overtime, and the ability of the facility to cancel me one shift and keep the "$6000" completion bonus. Any help is appreciated.


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Frankly, I'd be more concerned with AMN than with Kaiser. As a traveller, you are hired help to both the registry you're working for and the receiving facility. I did a stint at Kaiser through one of AMN's affiliates. The management are not nurses, and therefore, do not understand any concerns you may have as a nurse. Their English comprehension was hit and miss at best. You are expected to know your sh*t right from the first shift. As a traveller you get used to that, and should expect it in any new assignment. The nurses I worked with were, generally, helpful, and I got through the assignment fine.

P.S. If you hit them hard enough for mileage reimbursement, they will cave and give it to you. Same goes for your hourly rate. Don't be afraid to play hardball during negotiations.