Postpartum care plan - r/f imbalanced fluid volume?


I am doing a care plan for a postpartum pt and was looking to use r/f imbalanced fluid volume. Risk factors would be mild preeclampsia, induced labor (pitocin?), iv fluids, childbirth.

Is this a reasonable diagnosis to use based on this information? I just want to make sure I am on the right track. Thanks! Maternity rotation is such a different animal!


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A more exact measure would be to analyze fluid loss during delivery vs fluid replacement and ongoing urine output. Average EBL for vaginal delivery is 500-800ml and for a ceasarean section is 1000-1500ml. Replacent should be 1:1 with colloid or 3:1 with crystalloid. The use of pitocin has a negligible effect on fluid status unless it was used for a prolonged period (not applicable if used as a 20 units/liter method to decrease post delivery EBL and promote uterine contraction / placental expulsion.

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