Post your TEAS VI scores here!


Hi! I was hoping to start a thread where we could all post our TEAS VI scores. Just easy to find scores, not content or advice. I feel that it would be helpful in determining a baseline, since the test is new and scores can't really be compared to previous versions or other tests. I know that ATI gives you percentile rankings, but it's always nice to hear from actual people who have taken it.

My overall score: 82.0

reading: 85.1

math: 90.6

science: 74.5

english: 79.2


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My overall score: 84

Reading: 74.5

Math: 90.6

Science: 87.2

English: 83.3


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Reading: 93.6

Math: 96.9

Science: 78.7

English and Language Usage: 95.8

Overall: 90.7


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Has 6 years experience.

Total score 68%

Academic preparedness level: Proficient

Nation mean: 65.6%

All ADN programs mean: 66.1%

Reading: 74.5%

Math: 71.9%

Science: 66%

English: 58.3%

59% of students score at or below my scores.