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Does anyone have a template that they can share? I work pre/post anesthesia in a hospital based endoscopy unit, with the majority of patients being outpatients. We’re going to be starting follow up calls, and I only have an outpatient surgical script to use. A lot of that just doesn’t apply to us! 
Thanks for any help. 

I work in an outpatient clinic and we do routine colonoscopies and EGDs. I don’t have a specific script, but we have a checklist for our follow-up calls. Basically we are asking if they are experiencing any pain (if so, get a pain score); are they tolerating PO (can they eat/drink); are they able to void; are they getting back to their normal activities. I don’t always ask things the same way each time, but that is the info I am trying to gather. Be prepared for patients to ask questions about their procedure, findings, when to expect a return to normal bowel movements, random abdominal pain (which is often the reason why they came in for a colon in the first place- some folks think that the procedure will magically make the pain go away). Hope that helps a bit!

Thanks, tippeny!

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