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I am a new grad and I have an interview next week at a large teaching hospital in central Indiana on the post partum unit. Can you advise me on how to make this go well? Also, any suggestions on organizing/prioritizing my time on the post partum unit? Any books to read? What are the duties/routines of a post partum nurse? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, please wish me luck in January when I take my NCLEX!! THANK ALL OF YOU!!

My first job was also on an OB floor BUT as a new grad I chose to follow a 12 week program FIRST of 6weeks in float pool and 6 weeks in GYN (what I learned was invaluable and also put me heads above my conterparts); then when I was officially hired on OB we always start with 6-8 weeks of GYN. You need this type of experience, in my opinion, before you jump into OB. Because OB nursing is a specialized unit, it is not like nursing on a Med/Surg floor, etc. But all that aside, read and re-read your Maternal/Newborn nursing books; chances are you will be taking care of infants as well. We do enormous amounts of teaching on an OB unit in a short amount of time (two days); The pt care per say is more laid back then on your other units but, as like on a neuro floor, you have your special issues you need to look for and know the s/s of inside and out (like post-partum hemorrhage). If your OB unit is anything like ours, you will need to know OB/NSY/GYN plus antepartum/toxemia care (eventually) so also keep this in mind. But if this is your calling, you will love it. I hope you like to talk and teach cuz' you will be doing ALOT of that!!

Your main duties as a post partum nurse are maternal/infant saftey, and LOTS of teaching! It's a different kind of nursing, one you definately have to love to do it. As for all interviews, relax! OB is a specialty that requires a long orientation. I can't tell you how to prioritize your time, that is something each nurse learns to do for themselves in their own way. I am an OB nurse who went straight to OB right out of school (thanks to a preceptorship at a local hospital). OB is what I wanted to do the day I signed up for nursing school, and I enjoy it a little more every day! I wish you luck on your interview, and the boards!

What a great opportunity for you! Good luck. Relax, smile and let your interviewer know how much you care. You have to care and you have to love to teach with this job. I love post partum for that reason. Think about the impact you will make on a childs future just by getting thier parents off to a good start. Organization comes with experience, you'll get it. Have fun in your new job.

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