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Letters have been sent out offering interviews for Yale's GEPN program this January. Got questions? Need answers? Let's get together here and help each other out.... Read More

  1. by   KekelaNikol
    Thanks! I will be in the Family NP specialty. I know how you feel about stalking the mailman! I live in California so even though I know I won't get it until the end of the week, I will still be running home to check the mail, just in case! I am quite excited to find out what info we get...I'm completely obsessed too, so you're not the only one! I think last year they put together a posting website for all accepted students to ask questions and get to know each other and find roommates, I hope they do that again this year. I too will be looking for people to live with. I hope your packet shows up soon!
  2. by   Cali_baby
    Its good to hear that the packet is coming out... it's killing me not knowing much about living stuff (Im a planner). Hopefully there will be a lot of good, useful information!

    I cant wait to meet you all!
  3. by   kangaroo621
    I swear you Californians are coming to take over the East Coast in September... god help us all

    just kidding of course... it'll be a blast to meet everyone!

    oh... out of curiosity, what is everyone doing NOW before our lovely program starts? I for one am crawling the walls doing research in a genetics lab counting down the days until I can give my notice... how about you?

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  4. by   Cali_baby
    Well currently I am not in CA although I grew up there. I am finishing up my undergrad work in upstate NY before moving to New Haven.

    When I graduate in May I am thinking about taking advantage of my last summer and sleeping a lot... although I will most likely get a full time job of some sort back in CA to make money because god knows we are going to need it next year!
  5. by   KekelaNikol
    Ha! I honestly couldn't believe how many people there were (including myself) from California when I was at Yale for my interview!

    Much like you Kangaroo, I am dying! I am trying my hardest to relax and enjoy my free time because I know I won't have much of it once we start the program, but that is very hard for me. Now that I know where I'm going I just want to get started! I'm doing MS research here in SF but also am counting down the days until I leave. Too bad I still have almost 4 months!!
  6. by   kangaroo621
    Calibaby -- where in upstate NY are you (if you don't mind me asking?) I spent time for undergrad in Rochester & Ithaca so I'm curious I even kind of miss all the snow, especially after the crazy winter you guys have had this year!

    KekelaNikol -- I am absolutely trying to store up on as much sleep, down time and movies as possible. My friends say I'm basically hibernating at this point. Silly me, I just hate to see it all go away (completely!) as of September. I like my job. Well, I tolerate my job (most of the time), but now that there is a finite end date to it all it just seems all the more frustrating! Kind of opposite to what I'd expect. But yes... 4 more months Woohoo!

  7. by   Cali_baby
    Kangaroo- I am in Syracuse. I hate all the snow up here... although I think that probably has something to do with the fact that I had never seen it until I got here. This winter was horrible... Im glad at least today the snow is starting to melt and I can see the pathway to my front door again. Hopefully New Haven will be better!
  8. by   kangaroo621
    Hello there : )

    Hopefully everyone got their packets by now?

    Just a quick question -- will any of you be taking the 2 credit Anatomy class? I have the 'B' average to pass out of it, but I'm wondering if that's a bad idea? It wasn't the easiest of classes for me and I'm not that confident about it. But, it seems like we're going to be incredibly busy with other things that having an extra class on top of it all may be tough.

    Do most people take it or pass out of it? I am tempted to sign up to take it & then see if I can get it waived if it feels like too much of a review... just not sure what to do since we need to send in those forms in 2 weeks.

  9. by   KekelaNikol
    Hi kangaroo

    I was wondering the same thing. I am thinking about taking it just for a refresher. I took anatomy 5 years ago and got an A, but it was 5 years ago. Plus, mine didn't have a lab so I think the lab component might be helpful. Hopefully since we've already taken it the class will be easy, but I think that I will have more confidence in myself and my knowledge if I have that refresher. What is everyone else doing?
  10. by   kangaroo621

    My A&P was only last year but honestly, that info was very quick to leave my brain since I wasn't using it after the exams. I think I'll sign up to take it - it's only 2 credits for the fall. And it may stick more if I'm using the info in clinicals & other classes...

    okay, I just didn't want to be the only idiot re-taking it Thanks!

  11. by   JazzyOneRN
    Kekela, Cali Baby, and Kangaroo congrats on your acceptances to Yale. Im very proud of you all. I am applying for the fall of 2008 this year and I would like to know from all three of you what were your overall gpa in your other degrees and how well did you all score on the GRE and how did you all go about preparing for the GRE as well as writing your personal statements?
    From my understanding GPA isnt a major factor in getting into the program, it plays a part but a small portion. Did you all write openly and candid about yourselves and life experiences in your personal statements.

  12. by   kangaroo621
    ChristinaJoy -- I just PM'd you... don't feel like plastering my #'s all over the board but let me know if you have more questions!

  13. by   May_baby
    Has anyone figured out how the on campus housing applications work?

    --OK, I figured it out! Its pretty simple and straight forward.
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