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Hey all, It's been kinda quiet this year in terms of applicants getting together and expressing their mutual frustration at having to wait so long to hear from the school of their dreams! From... Read More

  1. by   BAtoCNM
    I'm going to Penn! Anyone else here heading that way?
  2. by   BlueJune
    Me too! Congrats to you! I was so excited to hear about the news - I'm still waiting to hear from Yale, but Penn had been my top choice throughout this whole process! I wonder when we'll hear about the MSN decisions?
  3. by   asparagus
    argh. my decision at penn still isn't up. my hunch is that is not a good sign since you guys have already gotten the thumbs up. they probably post all of those and then post the rejections a day or two later....thankfully i've been accepted to another bsn/msn program and i'm not totally counting penn out yet....
  4. by   BAtoCNM
    Congrats on your acceptance, though!
  5. by   ChCkBzk
    I haven't recieved any acceptance letters to the school I applied to, but they called me and asked me to apply for some "highly selective" scholarships. I guess that means I will get in, but I still really want that letter!!!!!! But free nursing school sounds good too, so if I have to wait and keep eating my fingernails.....then so be it!
  6. by   BeaconStreet
    Every time I sign on I see a bunch of people viewing this thread, but there are hardly any new posts! I guess no one has much to say as we all wait to hear. :uhoh21:

    So, I thought we'd do a little roll call. Who's waiting to hear from Columbia and/or Yale? Also, anyone want to pass the time placing bets about when the letters will arrive? Winner gets a cascade of smilies. Feel free to post date bets on any other schools-- I chose the two in the thread title.

    Here goes:
    I'm still waiting for both Yale and Columbia. Although I'd like to hear sooner, my realistic bet is 1 week from today for Columbia (Feb 6). and two weeks (Feb. 13) for Yale. I'm in the northeast, so the mail time should be pretty short.

    Who's next?
  7. by   cozzy66
    I'm only waiting on Columbia... there was a rumor last year that they sent out letters on Feb 1 of last year... and that's tomorrow... and I'm in NYC, which means I should hear on/around/by the 5th, altho I'd really prefer the 3rd For all others in the NE, I'm guessing Feb 7.
  8. by   Kurlyz26
    Okay!! So I just called Columbia to ask if they have recieved my transcripts for my pre reqs i completed. In the interim, I found out that letters are going out this Friday!!!! AAHHH!! I'm biting my nails off!! Good luck everyone!! :roll
  9. by   Kevn2bNP
    Thanks for the info, Kurlyz26!

    This will no doubt go down as the longest weekend in recorded history!
  10. by   cozzy66

  11. by   BeaconStreet
    Good detective work, Kurlyz!
    I guess I can stop irrationally checking my mail for a few days.
  12. by   HYPEractiveTTU
    I think this was stated earlier, but the letter is just a thin envelope. I was offered a spot on the wait-list for the 2005 class (mailed in a thin envelope), and was ultimately rejected but encouraged to reapply. I reapplied the next year and saw that same thin envelope in Feb... I thought it was either another wait list offer, or a rejection, but I got in!

    Good luck to everyone! There are a bunch of former and current ETPers (like myself), along with traditional Masters and DrNP students, who are appreciative of all the advise that we received here. So ask whatever is on your mind...

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  13. by   Kurlyz26
    OK..so i just recieved an email saying that my decision letter was sent out today, Feb 1st!!! Which means I may get it sooner thant I thought since I am in NYC. Perhaps Sat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    Did anyone else get an email ?