University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2011

  1. i applied to the dnp program at the university of south alabama (usa). i am extremely excited, but was wondering what are some of the stats of people that have previously been accepted to the program or that are applying. i would also be interested to hear some peoples perceptions of the dnp program as they have progressed through it.

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  3. by   criticalcareNP
    I also applied to USA for the post masters DNP program. I am a litttle nervous because there are alot a negative comments about the program on this board. I noticed that they extended the deadline for admission.
  4. by   ICU RN 2004
    I too applied to the DNP program for Fall 2011. I don't know what the stats were for people who were previously accepted into the program but I read an old thread from about a year ago and I think somebody said that a lot of people had GPA's around 3.3. I do know that we are the first group that had to apply through CAS and I think we are at a disadvantage because unlike previous classes where they were looking at the most recent 60 units, Nursing CAS is including every single grade, including courses that were taken years ago and have no real reflection on the kind of student you might be now. Good luck to you, I too am excited to be at a point in my life where I feel ready to be making this decision but I am also very anxious as I realize that it is going to be a lot of hardwork.
  5. by   Hope2baFNP
    Hello Everyone,
    I am currently enrolled in the RN-MSN program at USA and have applied to NP track for Fall 0f 2011. I applied both to the DNP program and to the Masters level NP track. I noticed when I go into PAWS secure area on the USA web site under status of application it says "Decision Made". Then under Decision it says"Pending, in Dept for Review". I am so anxious about this! When do you think we will hear????
  6. by   AthensICURN
    I applied for the fall BSN-DNP (FNP/ACNP) and I received an email last week offering a "seat" for the fall. They said they were behind and they were sending letters out this week.

    I am concerned about all of the negative comments about South Alabama that have posted on the board. I do not know anyone personally who has gone to University of South Alabama, but have seen that the Fall class was the first class in this area. Does anyone have any info about this program? Whether it is good/bad idea?

  7. by   ncole2008
    i was also accepted. i am also somewhat concerned. i have joined and there seems to be some individuals that have graduated and believe that the program was beneficial. you might try contacting some of the graduates via the above website.
  8. by   HeartRN02
    I applied for Fall 2011 DNP, but haven't heard anything yet. I'm not so crazy about them using the NursingCAS system. I really don't see how accounting classes from 20some years ago should factor into my admission, but so be it. I asked Greg if those grades would be taken into consideration, and he told me they look at the overall GPA of everything. Now we just wait and see.
  9. by   greergary
    I received an email last Friday regarding the delay in decision letters and then one on monday indicating that i "will" be receiving a letter of intent to sign and return to hold my seat in the fall 2011 cohort. has anyone received their letter of intent? i have sent several emails and even a fax but haven't gotten any response.

    i haven't received any emails from greg since monday. has anyone?


  10. by   Hope2baFNP
    I got the email last Friday night statingI was being offered a seat in the Fall 2011 DNP cohort and would receive a letter of intent. I have had no other communication. I am sure everything is fine. It is a extremely busy time and I am sure we will get our acceptance letters in the mail along with the letters of intent very soon! What is your concentration?
    Look forward to seeing you in August.
  11. by   greergary
    Hey Hope!

    Thanks for the encouraging post. I've chosen the Adult Gerontological Primary Care NP. I am so excited! I've been in primary care for over five years. I love it.

    See you in August!

  12. by   Hope2baFNP
    I asked to be considered for two until I get my official acceptance letter in the mail, I will not know which track I am in! I will be happy with either! I too have been a bit antsy about "getting started" with the letter of intent ect.... I also sent Greg a email and have not heard from him yet. I know they must be completely bombarded with emails and phone calls right now....just remember we know we are "in" and that is what really matters!
    I cannot wait to start!!!!
  13. by   Hope2baFNP
    Check your email ...we just got something!!
  14. by   greergary
    I am so relieved! I will sleep like a baby tonight!

    Get your stuff in asap!


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